The expediting activities shall start at the issue of the Purchase Order and finish at the right time.

Our expediting service adds value to your projects through covering all phases up to the complete delivery of all material at site including final documentation and the issue of the final Vendors feedback to help you reach defined project milestones and asserting reliability.

365º Desk Expediting Service

Fully management of Quality and engineering expediting documents including Quality Project Final Documents.

We will report a real-time progress and KPI status.

Our professions will attend and support you in PO kick-off meetings, PO pre-manufacturing meetings, PO manufacturing meetings, weekly progress meetings and PO completion meeting and Quality Dossier.

Logistics and Procurement management to reach milestones on time.

How we do it?

  • ensure compliance with Project contractual conditions and specifications as well international standards;
  • monitoring the Status & Progress of all the Purchase Orders, deadlines and manufacturing schedule to ensure delivery of material anticipating any deviations and/or potential problem adopting correcting actions that may be necessary during production or assembly of materials and equipment;
  • assigning to each POs an expediting surveillance level based on the criticality of material and the relevant Required On Site date;
  • organizing an adequate number of Desk/Shop Expeditors based on the number of POs. 


Expediting as value added services throughout the Supply Chain.

Our experts will work with you to set timelines, meet payment and delivery deadlines. Together we will promptly identify potential bottlenecks and threats to avoid costly delays and liability penalties.